Prevent iPhone Screen Damage 

Prevent iPhone Screen Damage from Scratches & Cracks 
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How to Pprevent iphone screen damagerevent iPhone Screen Damage

If you want to prevent iphone screen damage, you need to follow these tips. If you have ever dropped your iPhone on the ground, you suddenly gasp at the thought of having your iPhone screen getting damaged or cracked. The cost of replacing your phone if its damaged beyond repair, is at least $600, plus you will have to start a new contract with your service provider.

Quality Holsters with Under Belt Hook

To protect your iPhone from having a cracked screen, a quality holster can make it easier to protect your phone. A quality holster that hooks under your belt can help keep your phone from dropping it. There are cheap holsters that just slide onto your belt with nothing to keep your phone from easily falling off, you want to stay away from that type of holster.

Screen Protectors Can Prevent Damage from Minor Falls

Another way to protect your iPhone screen is to install a tempered glass screen protector. Screen protectors are a great investment in providing an extra layer of protection from minor drops and screen scratches. A company that provides an excellent screen protector is BodyGuardz.

Folio Cases Have Flap Closures

Folio cases that have a flap closure over your screen are another great product to protect your screen from damage. They have a magnetic closure that keeps your screen from damage after each use. Combine your folio case with a screen protector for maximum protection against scratches and damage.

Rugged Protective Cases

Rugged protective Cases can provide maximum protection from scratches, Drops, Cracked Screens, Water & Snow Damage, Dust Damage and Audio protection. Look for an inner shell, rugged outer cover, and built-in Touch screen protector.

The Costs of Repairing or Replacing your iPhone

If you crack your screen, your cell phone provider will not simply add a new phone to your account. They will charge you at least a couple of hundred dollars, plus the same monthly fee you were paying before.

The cost of replacing a damaged iPhone with a new one, makes you want to fix your cell phone damaged screen and replace it with a new one. By fixing your phone with a new screen, you can save hundreds of dollars, while not having to start a new contract all over again with your service provider.